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All visiting aircraft must PPR online

We now have a new crew hut where you can sign in and pay your landing fee. There is also a toilet available for visiting aircrew.

Location: North of A47, near the village of East Winch, 4nm SE of Kings Lynn under the northern edge of RAF Marham’s MATZ

Unlicensed Runway
Direction: 10 LH / 28 RH
Surface: Grass
Length: 650m
Width: 25m
Circuit Height: 1,000ft aal
Height: 49ft AMSL
Radio: 124.150 Marham Zone
In Skydemon: Yes

Final East Winch Runway 28

Approach / Departure

Check NOTAMs Before flying to or from East Winch
When Marham’s Dangar area is NOTAM’d as active, pilots must not depart without a
positive clearance from Marham ATC. Likewise, when flying into East
Winch, pilots must not enter Marham’s Danger area without a positive clearance from
Marham ATC.

Clearances can be obtained via the contact details on the NOTAM.

  1. Establish communications with RAF Marham for Basic Service and a MATZ penetration to land at East Winch. If Marham are closed make blind calls to ‘Marham Traffic’ stating your position and intention to land at East Winch
  2. Do not overfly the village of East Winch
  3. All circuits to the North
  4. Downwind joins as no dead side, this would be over East Winch!
  5. Noise abatement: When taking off on 28 or landing on 10, avoid overflying the house and shop 250m before the threshold of 10, offset to the north!
  6. Make radio or phone contact with RAF Marham before departure

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